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Build Your Author Brand:

Grow your profile, your credibility and your readership and... Sell Your Book!

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Congratulations! You’ve written a book. You’re an Author.

If you’ve got this far in your authorial journey, well done to you.

Now, you’ve managed to have your book published, either by self-publishing, indie publishing or via a hybrid publishing model. You’ve even told your friends and family and you’ve posted on your Facebook profile to tell everyone about your great achievement.

Time to crack open the champagne? 

There’s just one thing.

How will anyone be able to buy your book if they don’t know about it?

Who is your book for?

How will they know to buy it?

How will they know it’s worth their time and effort to go out and find it?

And actually read it?

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Does this sound familiar...

  • You are a self published or indie published author, having published one or more books and you are waiting for your readers to "discover you"
  • You have a new book idea and would like to approach it with a clear idea of who your reader is and how you will get them excited about your book
  • You know there is more you probably could and should be doing to promote your book, let people know about it and put your name "out there" as an author
  • But, it all feels and sounds like hard work and frankly you're not sure whether you have the time, money or energy to get into it all
  • You would love more people to read and buy your book, but just aren't sure where to start
  • Even though you've identified a couple of Literary Festivals you'd love to be included in, you don't know how or don't feel confident in approaching them
  • The idea of talking on the radio about your book sounds lovely, but surely that's for well-known authors and how would you go about making that happen anyway?
  • You'd love to ask someone about how to promote and market your book and become known as an author, but the opportunity doesn't seem to have presented itself and you're afraid of seeming clueless and isn't it all very expensive?
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Learn how to Build Your Author Brand 

To position yourself as a credible author

To give you authority in your genre

To be confident in promoting and marketing your book 

Have full clarity on who your ideal reader actually is

Secure media coverage, book reviews, interviews and features - without having to save a huge marketing budget or get a big publishing deal

Experience proven teachings and processes that will get you confident in identifying and pitching your book to Literary Festivals, Speaker Events, Book Reviewers, Interviewers, Bloggers and Media outlets

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The course has enlightened me regarding expectations of press and is helping me work on my written communications’ format. It has helped find and build networks for my particular audiences. I’ve already recommended Isabelle to a fellow author.

Vix J Cooper, Children’s Author

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The course has given me a lot of inspiration and made me consider doing things I would have never thought I should / could / would do! It has been perfect timing for me, with where I am up to with the book. 
I have gone from having no clue where to start and wondering if I would end up launching very weakly, to having materials that feel professional enough to actually approach some high calibre press outlets. 

Helen Hill, Author of Falling off the Ladder

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Over 6 weeks, Build Your Author Brand will:

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Build your unique and compelling Author Brand Story, that will form the basis of your communications to promote your book and give you confidence in yourself as a credible author

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Help you to reach your reader and ideal audience: identify your media targets for features, reviews of your book, interviews and other promotional activity such as Literary Festivals and Talks

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Create your pitch and publicity materials: press releases, pitches and conversation starters

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Create your PR, marketing and media strategy: plan your book launch or how you are going to create impact strategically in the longer term to attract your ideal readers

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Show you how to build your social media presence and grow your following of potential readers and buyers as an author

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Provide additional weekly live group coaching sessions with Isabelle to get all of your questions answered and for extra support as you work through the course

Introducing an all new element to the course: 

How to Grow Your Social Media Presence as an Author

For this brand new update to the course, we will be joined by Author Francesca Catlow who successfully sold 500 copies of her first novel by using her strong social media skills.

Francesca will deliver a new module in the course on building your social media presence as an author and growing your following, organically.

This new course module is aimed at authors who have existing social media pages but haven’t seen growth or don’t know how to build on the audience they have. 

You’ll learn specific ways to find your readers and grow your social media pages organically.

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Francesca Catlow, Author

Francesca Catlow is an author of women's fiction and mystery-romance novels. Her first novel The Little Blue Door sold over 500 copies in the first months of publication all because of her strong organic social media presence. 
Never one to go along a traditional path, her novel was independently published, yet, is already available in-store at many Waterstones shops and independent book shops because of her success on socials. 
Before writing her novel she was a successful business owner and performer who used social media to maintain all aspects of her business. This experience helped lay the foundation for her success as an author.  
“I’ve always been rebellious, living my life unconventionally. Coming in as a writer with a background in performance meant I had to start from scratch and utilise my social media skills to connect with my new audience.”


Build Your Author Brand Course Content:


Week 1 Module: Welcome to the course and Introduction to you as an Author 

We will take time during the first week of the course for all participants to introduce yourself as an author as well as introduce your book(s) to both Isabelle and the rest of the group.

This valuable first "getting to know you" part of the course will help you to begin thinking about yourself as an Author Brand and how you wish to be represented, as well as building relationships with your fellow authors as a group.

Week 2 Module: Create your Unique Author Brand Story 

Create your fundamental brand story, that will form the basis of your Author brand communications. 

It is not enough to tell your ideal reader what your book is about or who you are as the author. It is essential to communicate WHY you have written your book and why your ideal reader should care enough to understand that your book is for them. 

Week 3 Module: Reach your Ideal Reader

Knowing exactly who your ideal reader is and how to find them is absolutely key to your overall book promotion strategy. In this masterclass you will learn how to identify your target media and opportunities, to directly reach your ideal reader and audience.

Week 4 Module: Create Your Strategy

How are you going to launch your book or how are you going to create longer term impact on your potential readers with your existing book? We will discuss how to formulate the strategy that works best for you and looking at Launch Events / Reviews / Competitions / Interviews / Features / Affiliate marketers / Book events & speaking opportunities

Week 5 Module: Create your Book Publicity Materials  

What your story is and how you tell it matters - narratively, visually - in a way that's going to be impactful enough to win that pitch or land an interview. 

In this practical workshop you'll learn how to put together a compelling pitch or press release and your finished bio / boiler plate.

Week 6 Module: Introducing an all-new module - How To Grow Your Social Media Presence as an Author

How to grow your social media organically is aimed at authors who have existing social media pages but haven’t seen growth or don’t know how to build on the audience they have. 
In this new workshop, led by author Francesca Catlow, you’ll learn specific ways to find your readers and grow your social media pages organically.  You will learn the basics needed to understand how to grow your presence and your following on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; as well as ways to make your posts more engaging and effective.
You will learn what hashtags do and how to use them, plus sharing across different platforms; indirect sales/calls to action; examples of relevant content and activities to help you build your audience during this module.
The workshop will include activities to help you build your audience during the session – so bring a notepad, pen, and your mobile phone. 


Weekly mentoring Zoom calls, including feedback on your work and time for Q&A, in a supportive group of like-minded authors.  

Individual feedback on your written work throughout the course.

Specific contact details provided for media and other opportunities, to individual participants.

Worksheets to accompany each module to help you as you work through the course.


The course is specifically designed for you if you have written a book or books, whether in fiction or non-fiction, including business book(s).

You do not need to already have a book published to participate in the course.


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The course helped me to put a whole new perspective on my writing and me as an author.

For the first time, I have really bottomed out what it really was that inspired me to write my books. My website now reflects my author brand which I also try to communicate in social media.

I will be updating my Advanced Reading Information to align with my brand, and, when I am ready to meet my press, I shall be able to tell them what I am about and what my books are about - with confidence. What more could I wish for?

Angela Dandy, Author of The Gypsy Killer and The Silveries novels

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It took me two years to write and publish Juno and the Lady. Throughout that journey, marketing and publicising my work was always an afterthought. It was something I would take care of after the book was published. When that time came, I realised what a monumental task it is.
Through another author, I found Isabelle. I did her Authors course and immediately after; I booked further sessions to fine-tune my entire marketing approach.
Since then, I am comfortable and confident with my messaging, for not only this book but for my entire series of forthcoming books. If you have written a book and you want expert advice and guidance, take this course with Isabelle. It is worth its weight in gold.

G J Kemp, Author of Juno And The Lady


£745 payment

- 6 live modules

- Individual feedback on your written work

- Weekly Group Mentoring and Feedback Sessions

- Private Group in Facebook to keep in touch with fellow attendees and ask your questions in between sessions


£275 x 3 Payments

- 6 live modules

- Individual feedback on your written work

- Weekly Group Mentoring and Feedback Sessions

- Private Group on Facebook to keep in touch with fellow attendees and ask your questions in between sessions

If you would like the chance to work with Isabelle for personalised, 1:1 guidance during the course

We have created a VIP option for the course, that includes time for you to work on the following on a 1:1 basis with Isabelle

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1:1 Signature Brand Story session with Isabelle to get totally clear on your values-driven, purposeful WHY behind your author brand and HOW to communicate it.

Secure your personal Brand Story session - walk away with full clarity, vision and purpose of your Authorial Brand Story that is going to form the foundations of your Promotional strategy, marketing and PR for you as an author and for launching and selling your books


45 minute session with unlimited  feedback on your written work


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Take Action and Make Your Pitch 

Send your pitch to the press - to the book reviewers, the journalists and the author speaking opportunities and book festivals that you have identified.

You will have 1:1 guidance in a 45 minute session on exactly how you are going to pitch your Author Brand and your book in the way that is going to land you those opportunities that will get your book out there into the world in the way you’ve always dreamed of.

Follow up and accountability with Isabelle by your side through the process.


£995 One Payment

To receive these additional VIP Bonuses:

VIP Module 1: Brand Story 1:1 session

45 minutes plus unlimited feedback

VIP Module 2: Take Action - Make Your Pitch 1:1 

45 minutes plus follow up and accountability 


£350 x 3 Payments

To receive these additional VIP Bonuses:

VIP Module 1: Brand Story 1:1 session

45 minutes plus unlimited feedback

VIP Module 2: Take Action - Make Your Pitch 1:1 

45 minutes plus follow up and accountability 

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Hi, I'm Isabelle

I help authors, business founders and owners to make PR work for them, to create their Brand Story, navigate and define who they want to reach and how, through PR, marketing and publicity.

I cut through the myths about what PR is and create clear pathways to raise your visibility through the most powerful tool we have at our disposal – the media.

As a professional publicist of 20 years for the TV, Film, Publishing, Entertainment and Luxury and Lifestyle brands sectors, with a client list of names such as JK Rowling and BBC, I bring all of my knowledge, experience and expertise to focus on you and your brand or business.

I help my clients to find their voice and to make it heard, in a way that feels aligned and true to who you are and how you want to be represented.

Through mentoring, and providing a careful guiding hand and the right amount of accountability and structure, I help you to become your own best publicist, giving you the know-how, support and confidence to increase your impact and your success.



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